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    1. Jan 2006 - New line of OPEN frame DC converter products
    2. Feb 2006 - New line of HIGH POWER (600W to 1500W) DC/DC power supplies
    3. July 2006 - INDUSTRY FIRST 1U 300W 12v input ATX industrial power supply
    4. Jan 2007 - New powerful models of DC/DC: 12v, 24v and -48v DC input PS2 ATX industrial power supply
    5. Aug 2007 - New 1U DC/DC model: 1U 150W, 200W and 250W 6v Input & 12v output isolated industrial power supply
    6. New HIGH POWER 19" Rackmount 3U DC/DC model: 3U 1500W to 6000W isolated DC/DC power supply
    7. New industrial coating - all power supplies series will have optional chassis coating and PCB coating to support high humidity applications up to 95%
    8. Mar 2008 - New series of 1U ATX 83mm wide power supplies for special chassis
    9. Mar 2009 - New series of 1U ATX power supplies to cover -48v input applications up to 450W output power, 24v input applications up to 400W power and working temperature supports now -20 to 50 Degrees Celsius range
    10. Mar 2009 - New series of 2U industrial ATX power supplies for 2U industrial chassis applications
    11. Jun 2009 - New series of HIGH POWER DC/DC power supply model covers up to 3600W
    12. In Year 2009 our most popular 4U models:
      24v DC input 700W and 750W PS2 ATX industrial
    13. Since Oct 2010 Synocean Technology adds more power to it's standard DC input voltage series of FANLESS 4U ATX DC-to-DC power supplies
    14. Since November 2011 Synocean Technology offers More Input Range, More Output Range and More Output Power for 1U Single Output DC to DC Industrial Power Supplies
    15. New CE EMC EN55022 Certificate is available for 4U ATX DC to DC 140mm power supplies from Synocean Technology.
    16. Synocean Technology offers now +5V DC Stand By current up to 3Amp
      for all PS2 type units
    17. Latest ROHS report is available for download now for STC-24400 DC-DC power supply
    18. Brand New Series of Mini Redundant DC to DC Power supplies available now
    19. New DC to DC converter 1.2KW in PS2 dimension
    20. New product Isolated DC to DC car USB charger is available
    21. New Design of 12V DC input ATX Form Factor 650W 180mm length power supply is available since May 2015
    22. 700W DC Input Industrial PC ATX 1U models now available
    23. 750W DC Input Industrial PC ATX 2U models with 12v 50A DC current rating are available
    24. New 12V DC Input Industrial PC ATX 4U Form Factor Power Supply models are available with Output Power up to 1500W.
    25. New 12V DC Input Industrial PC ATX 4U Form Factor Power Supply models support up to 2200W and 24V support up to 2400W Continuous Output Power.
    26. New DC Input Industrial PC ATX 4U 570mm Power Supplies up to 2500W of Continuous Output Power
    27. New series of DC Input Mini Redundant Industrial PC ATX 4U Power Supplies with up to 900W of Continuous Output Power



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