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 Product: ±12V DC Industrial PS2 ATX FANLESS Switching Mode Power Supply
Category: 4U PS2 ATX Fanless up to 300W
±12V DC Industrial PS2 ATX FANLESS Switching Mode Power Supply
Model No.
Output Watts
Input VoltageInput range
250W continuous
±12V DC
±9V ~ ±17V DC
12STC-12200M200W continuous±12V DC±9V ~ ±17V DC
12STC-12150M150W continuous±12V DC±9V ~ ±17V DC
●    Cooling:                          Convection Cooling
●    Operating Temperature:   -10°C ~ +55°C (Full Load)
●    Operating Humidity:         20%~90% RH. (Non condensing)
●    Storage Temperature:      -20°C~+95°C
●    Storage Humidity:            10%~95% RH. (Non condensing)
●    Operating Altitude:           10M Below Sea level and 3000M Above Sea level

●    Input connector type         30A/300V UL Approved Gold Plated Brass 1.2t/3-Pin Terminal
●    Input Current                   18A/36A(250W) 16A/30A(200W) 12A/22.5A(150W)
                                             @ Full Load High Line & Low Line

●    Inrush Current                  Less than 90A Cold start @25°C ambient

Output Voltage Regulation Output current    
Ripple & Noise
Load Line Cross 250W 200W 150W
MinMax Min Max Min Max
+5V ±5% ±1% ±5% 1.5A15A 1.5A 15A 1.5A 15A 50mV
+12V 0.2A 14A 0.2A
9A 0.2A 9A 120mV
+3.3V 0A 7A 0A
5A 0A 5A 50mV
    0A 1A 50mV
-12V ±8% 0A 0.5A 0A
0.5A 0A 0.5A 120mV
+5VSB   0A 2A  0A 2A 0A 2A 50mV
Maximum continuous combined load on +3.3 V & +5V DC output shall not exceed 100 90 90 Watt
Maximum continuous combined load on +3.3 V & +5V & +12V DC output shall not exceed 220 170 130
Maximum continuous total DC output power shall not exceed 250 200 150

●    Efficiency                                         65% typical @12V DC Full Load
●    Rise time
●    Power Good Signal                           TTL Compatible signal, on delay 100~500ms, off delay 1ms min
●    Short Circuit Protection (SCP)           All output equipped with SCP (shutdown and latch off)
●    Over Power Protection (OPP)             Peak power protected to 130%±10% of continuous rated power (shutdown and latch off)
●    Over Voltage Protection (OVP)          +3.3V@4.5V, +5V@6V, +12V@15.6V

●    MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure):  100 000 hours @max. Load, 12V DC & 25°C ambient
●    Safety Standards:                            Meet IEC60950-1, EN60950-1
●    Safety Approved:       
●    EMI Compatibility (EMC) Standard:    EN55032:2015/AC:2016, CISPR32:2015, EN61000-3-2:2014, 
                                                            EN61000-3-3:2013, EN55024:2010 +A1:2015
●    INPUT and OUTPUT are isolated by transformers and optical couplers
●    Dielectric Withstand:                        INPUT to OUTPUT: 500V DC for 60 seconds
●    Dielectric Withstand:                        INPUT to frame GROUND: 500V DC for 60 seconds
●    Leakage Current:                            <0.005µA @12V DC

Output Connector specific:
●    ATX 24 Pin x 1                                Molex 39-01-2240 or equivalent
●    +12V(P4) 4 Pin x 1                          Molex 39-01-2040 or equivalent
●    HDD, DVD 4 pin x 4                         Molex 8981-04P or equivalent
●    FDD 4 Pin x 1                                  AMP 171822-4 or equivalent
●    Serial ATA x 2                                 Molex 675820000 or equivalent
●    Process 8 Pin x 1                             Molex 39-01-2080 or equivalent
●    PCIe 8(6+2) Pin x 1                        

Standard Output Cable Length:
●    520 mm / 20.47 Inches

Power chassis Dimension:
●    250W: 184(L) x 150(W) x 86(H) mm / 7.24(L) x 5.9(W) x 3.38(H) Inches
170(L) x 150(W) x 86(H) mm / 6.69(L) x 5.9(W) x 3.38(H) Inches
●    150W: 140(L) x 150(W) x 86(H) mm / 5.51(L) x 5.9(W) x 3.38(H) Inches

Net Weight:
●    200W: 2.5 kg / 5.51 Lbs
●    150W: 2.3 kg / 5.07 Lbs

Gross Weight:
●    200W: 3.5 kg / 7.71 Lbs
●    150W: 2.5 kg / 5.51 Lbs

Packing Detail
●    200W: 6 pcs
●    150W: 8 pcs

Measurement of Carton
●    0.046 m3 / 1.61 Cuft

Optional Input Connector pictures:



Dealer: Synoceantech
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